Sellers Market! How can a Realtor help me?

The Best Ways an Expert Realtor Can Help in a Sellers Market

In times where the housing market is suffering a low inventory, you’ll need the assistance of a real estate professional more than ever!  If you’ve never worked with a realtor before you might be surprised at some of the ways we can help, even when you think that all is lost.


Here are the best ways that a real estate professional like myself, can help you whether you are a buyer or a seller:


1. Always have your best interests at heart:  Our goal is to find and secure your dream house even in an incredibly competitive market. If you are a seller we aim to maximize the profit on your house and ensure that successful offers are genuine and only offered by those in a position to proceed.

2. Help you nail down exactly what you are looking for in a house: It’s one thing to know you want to move, but what are you looking for? In a competitive market you need to be ready to go! Working with a realtor can help you refine and target your search, only including properties that you are really serious about. You’ll save time and money with more chance of getting that dream house, rather than wasting time viewing houses that didn’t meet the grade.

3. Sort those finances: The best placed buyers are those that have all of their finances in order and that’s another area that realtors can offer expertise in. If you need to put an offer in, you have to be certain that you can fulfill your end of the contract, if it gets accepted. Having mortgages and loans in place puts you in a much stronger position when it comes to negotiation.

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4. Use connections and networks: You might feel that as soon as a good house goes on the market it’s snapped up instantly. That is why you need to work with a real estate professional. We live and breathe real estate, and through our network of contacts and connections we can sniff out a property listing before it goes live. These days to have any chance with a great property you need to be seeing it the day it is listed, and we are in the position to make that happen. If you wait until a house is listed online, it may be already gone!

5. Contact with Sellers: We have other ways of helping you find a house. For example, some houses in higher price bands are often worth a look. If they have been on the market for a while, motivated sellers may be open to reasonable offers particularly if they are frustrated at the lack of a sale. Another option is for us to contact sellers who may have withdrawn their houses from sale for various reasons, or potential sellers who are yet to commit to putting the ‘For Sale’ sign up.

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 6. Negotiate on your behalf in a bidding war: How many times do you get involved in bidding wars? Unless you are in sales or negotiation of some kind, you probably don’t do it very often. Real estate professionals negotiate for a living, so it makes sense to trust them with one of the biggest purchases of your life. You want that house? We are going to do everything in our power to get it for you. Now who doesn’t need support like that?

7. Assist with realistic offers: So you’ve found yourself THE house, it’s the perfect property and checks all of the boxes, what next? How much do you offer? There isn’t much time to think it over or take a second look. In a low inventory market you need to be decisive, and with the expert advice of a realtor you can make a realistic offer that will put you in a stronger position for acceptance. Working by yourself you run the risk of going in too low and getting beaten out by a counter offer which means that you could have effectively missed out on that house. On the other side panicking and putting in a higher offer could lead to buyer’s remorse a little way down the line. Neither situation is ideal, you’ll be left either out of house or out of pocket.

8.  Listing houses professionally and priced competitively: Even though a period of low housing inventory is a seller’s market, it’s important not to become complacent. A good realtor will always put 100% into the pricing and listing of your property. Houses still need to be priced to sell. A real estate professional can give advice on maximizing profit on your home and will ensure that your house sells sooner rather than later. Even in a low inventory market, overpriced or neglected homes will get left behind.

9. Providing genuine buyers for sellers: For sellers, realtors ensure that there is always a choice of buyers who are in the position to move fast if required. Selling a property that is popular may mean a queue of interested parties, but how do you sort out the genuine buyers from the dreamers? A realtor will ensure that they only show your property to people who are in the position to move forward as fast as you are. The last thing you want to do is waste time with a buyer who pulls out at the last minute.

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10. Offer emotional support at a stressful time: Experts say that moving is one of the major stresses in an adult’s life. They are wrong! House-hunting and securing a property is the stressful part, moving is a piece of cake once you’ve done all of that! Finding a house is a very emotional and tiring time, expect to feel highs and lows, and you can thank your realtor for keeping you going throughout the whole process.

Hopefully this has convinced you that an expert realtor really is your best friend when great houses are hard to come by.

Let’s get started today!  Call/text me at 734-637-1375.

Moving Michigan Today  Moving Michigan Today  Moving Michigan Today  Moving Michigan Today


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